Barbara Johanna Billeiter

"Bella Norica" 

Bella Norica is sitting on her red throne in front of the silhouette of the beautiful Franconian city of Nuremberg. She wears her black cap with ears like a crown. On her lap are three daisies, a Christian symbol of modesty, purity, and fidelity in love. Supposedly, the daisy originated from the tears of Mary Magdalene as she stood crying at the tomb of Jesus. Anchored near the heart of Bella Norica is the umbilical cord of the twins, who are still in their protective amniotic sac but will soon separate from their mother's body. With the help of their rotor blades, the two little ones are already ready for the start of life and the world of technology. The still bleeding, only half gnawed moose skeleton on the left side of the picture reminds us of transience and death. The upper part of the proud animal still seems undamaged. Behind it, the silhouette of Nuremberg's old town stands out deliberately, representing the past. Bella Norcia's twins on the right half of the picture and the young city district behind them stand for the new beginning and the future.


Rolling Bananas Vol. 1

It's a homage to the legendary Rolling Stones, which I really want to present in my own style of art.