Barbara Johanna Billeiter

About Me: 

My characters are embodiments of my soul, whose most impressive feature is the eyes. I want each observer to interpret for himself and allow him intellectually to create his own experiences, wishes and dreams intensified.

My pictures should be timeless and intentionally show the subconscious in them.

Thus darkness and sweetness share the canvas in a strange way and since the subconsciousness is not always harmless, a game of opposites emerges accompanied by the try to finally escape all social constraints.

Most of my paintings originate from personal experiences.
They show many details, some viewers compared them with hidden object pictures, even "Horror Vacui" is what they say. "Fear of emptiness", I think briefly and have to admit that this is the case.

As a child I always liked to paint, showed much talent and won in the 70's 3rd place in a European school competition with the representation of a phoenix, which is made up of the ashes rose.

In the age of 30 I began a course of study, which I graduated with a diploma and about 4 years ago I developed my own style.